Honor your doctor

Whether it’s a doctor who’s been with you through it all, or one who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, take a moment this Doctors’ Day to let your doctor know they’ve made a difference in your life by giving them a virtual high five.

I want to honor:

Please search by the provider’s last name, then select the appropriate physician from the list.

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  • 19172
    Patty peterson
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    John J Schoenwald, MD
    Dr Schoenwald is the epitome of a family doctor. He is...
  • 19171
    Rita & Kevin W.
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    Kevin J Gander, MD
    Thank you for your service!
  • 19170
    Rita W.
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    William E Kobler, MD
    You were the best! We miss you!
  • 19169
    Rita & Kevin W.
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    Joseph M Stewart, MD
    Best OB on C-sections and care of myself and babies and...
  • 19168
    Trudy Robison
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    Vivian W Salazar, MD
    You are THE BEST!!
  • 19167
    Tammy Evans
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    Clyde M Grady, MD
  • 19166
    tammy Evans
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    Thomas J Whittle, MD
  • 19165
    Tammy Evans
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    Kishor K Patel, MD, FCCP
  • 19164
    Bhanu T Paturi, MD
  • 19163
    Michelle Johnson
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    Annevay D Conlee, MD
    Thanks to Dr. Conlee for preceptoring me for not just o...
  • 19162
    The Getz Family
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    John P Galbreath, MD
    Thank you for your knowledge, patience, compassion and...
  • 19161
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    Genene P Radden, MD
  • 19160
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    Genene P Radden, MD
  • 19159
    Cindy and Tom Nees
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    Frank T Lasala, MD
    Thanks so much for you patient caring ways and the humo...